G. D. Bakshi

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  • Major General (Retd.) G. D. Bakshi is a Senior Fellow at United Services Institution of India. He has earlier been a Research Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi.

    Restructuring the Indian Armed Forces

    This paper broadly deals with two important aspects. First, it analyses various security challenges that India is facing at present; and second, it examines the need for restructuring the Indian Armed Forces to address these security challenges. It explains that India is in a two front situation with China to the

    Promotion System in the Army: Dealing with Peacetime Atrophy

    In practice, it has been found that a peacetime army tends to atrophy and lose its war fighting orientation. It develops a lopsided emphasis on peacetime routine, spit and polish. In fact, a wartime army may well be the very anti-thesis of a peacetime army. Years of non-use of the military instrument sometimes results in the rusting of its value system and ethos.

    Mumbai Redux: Debating India's Strategic Response Options

    A year has elapsed since the Mumbai carnage and there are renewed intelligence inputs about further terrorist attacks on our seaboard. What could be the Pakistani motivations for a resumption of its terrorist assault on India ?The Military – ISI complex in Pakistan appears to be under severe pressure due to the ongoing Global War On Terror (GWOT). 28% of its rank and file are ethnic Pathans who are seriously affected by the ongoing operations in Swat and FATA.

    The Tribal Dimension of Internal Security In South Asia

    The Sub-Continent's Failure to Integrate Tribal Populations