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Modernising the Army’s Tactical-level Communications Systems

February 14, 2014

The new optical fibre network being laid as an alternative to the 3G spectrum surrendered by the armed forces will go a long way in providing modern land-line communications in peace stations and to limited extent up to the war-time locations of higher formation HQ.

Army's Ingenious Frontier Diplomacy

February 5, 2014

To reshape public confidence further, the Union Home Ministry should quickly address the long festering issue of redeploying at least one regiment of the sashastra seema bal (SSB) in Ladakh. Initially raised as Special Service Bureau in the 1960s, SSB effectively involved natives for building a second line of defence against adversaries.

Revenue Procurement Practices in the Indian Army

This monograph examines some aspects of the Indian Army’s revenue procurement practices. It discusses the peculiarities of these practices in the Indian defence and security setup, relating it to the contemporary risk scenario. This study draws attention to the corresponding trends in the private or commercial sector.

Permanent Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee: Should the appointment be delayed further?

January 2, 2014

Though the general elections are due this year, the need of the hour is to build a political consensus on the issue without further delay. It will be to the credit of the government if it is able to generate political consensus and appoint a Permanent Chairman CoSC or CDS.

Delegation of Powers to the Armed Forces in a Time Warp

December 26, 2013

MoD, according to news reports, has instructed the Army HQ that its permission will need to be taken before changing the structure or role of the units in future. This could easily be interpreted to mean that there are no existing instructions on such vital issues. But such an impression would be wrong.

Chief of Defence Staff must be Appointed Immediately

December 12, 2013

All major democracies have opted for the CDS and India cannot ignore it any further. In the prevailing battlefield milieu of joint operations, combined operations and even coalition operations, modern armed forces cannot be successful without a well-developed and deeply ingrained culture of jointmanship.

Building Army’s Human Resource for Sub-Conventional Warfare by K.C. Dixit

April 2013

The Indian Army today faces a very complex challenge. It is increasingly becoming clear that the kind of wars that were fought a few decades ago are not going to be fought in the future.

‘Strength One’ on the Moral Highway

April 2013

The erosion in moral values in the armed forces over the past few decades has left India’s political and military leadership bewildered and befuddled.

Ethics and Morals in the Armed Forces: A Framework for Positive Action

April 2013

Value systems form the spine of modern society, religion and every individual’s conscience with moral codes defining ‘appropriate’ and ‘expected’ activity.

Needed: A Better Appraisal System for Better Leaders

April 2013

There has been a palpable decline in the standards of morals, ethics and values as observed by officers in the armed forces and the bond between officers and men has weakened.

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