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Defence Industry

Decommissioned Military Hardware – A Potential Diplomatic Asset for India

January 10, 2017
Decommissioned Military Hardware

Decommissioned Military Hardware can be gainfully be used as “gifts” in order to forge greater ties with recipient countries and potentially, make way for possible purchases of military hardware from India in the future.

Blacklisting Policy on the Anvil

November 10, 2016

The proposed blacklisting policy of the Ministry of Defence must be comprehensive enough to ensure that no loose ends are left to be tied at time of implementation.

Building Frigates for The Philippines Navy

July 06, 2016
Building Frigates for The Philippines Navy

India should ensure that the deal does not slip away because of GRSE’s perceived financial inability, which may not actually be the case.

Indian Arms Sales to Latin America

July 05, 2016
Indian Arms Sales to Latin America

As India embarks on a quest to boost its arms exports, the Latin America-Caribbean region offers India both markets and potential partnerships. Though India is not a stranger to the region, it needs to have a more systematic and coordinated approach.

Indian Naval Sales – The Cautious Emergence of a New Supplier

June 22, 2016
Indian Naval Sales – The Cautious Emergence of a New Supplier

Should GRSE and GSL deliver satisfactory services to their export customers, there is considerable potential for India to position itself as a competitive supplier of small and medium warships and patrol crafts.

Making FDI Count in Defence

June 22, 2016
Making FDI Count in Defence

It is rare that a foreign company makes a huge investment to produce major platforms in a third country with a view to make that country an export hub.

China’s Growing Arms Sales to Latin America

June 20, 2016
China Defence Sales

The United States, once the dominant influence over the armed forces of the region, is now in danger of losing that position to China and has already lost it in countries like Bolivia and Venezuela.

Indian Defence Industry: An Agenda for Making in India

Indian Defence Industry: An Agenda for Making in India

Publisher: Pentagon Press
ISBN 978-81-8274-905-4
Price: Rs. 995 [Download E-copy]

This book thoroughly probes the Indian Defence industry and the policies pertaining to it. Based on hard core evidence, it identifies the key shortcomings of this vital sector and provides a detailed roadmap for the Modi government’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ programme to succeed in defence production sector. Though written with a clear focus on influencing policy making, the book is presented in an accessible format to be easily understood by the wider strategic community.

E-Copy available

Integrating Defence Plans with Niti Aayog’s Long Term Vision

June 06, 2016
Defence Plans and Niti Aayog

While it may be tempting for the Niti Aayog to make deep inroads into defence planning, it would be wise to focus only on those areas that do not disturb the core function of defence preparedness.

Buy (IDDM) or Buy (Indian): Horns of a Dilemma

April 29, 2016
Buy (IDDM) or Buy (Indian): Thorns of a Dilemma

If a product is indigenously designed, developed and manufactured, should the percentage of indigenous content in that product really matter so much?