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South Korea

The Abe Statement: Reading the Politics behind the 70th Anniversary of WW II

August 24, 2015
The Abe Statement: Reading the Politics behind the 70th Anniversary of WW II

While it is Japan’s responsibility to pave the road to reconciliation, but for any meaningful progress China and South Korea must reciprocate since reconciliation is a two-way process.

The Maritime Tiger: Exploring South Korea’s Interests and Role in the Arctic

November 2014

South Korea is not a traditional Arctic state, but it has several key interests in the region. This article explores the sources of those interests and the country’s commercial activities in the Arctic in the areas of shipping, shipbuilding and hydrocarbons. Since the country’s polar interests transcend commerce, however, attention is also paid to the importance of science and research and development in Korean culture.

Examining the Prospects of South Korea “Going Nuclear”

May 01, 2013

In the aftermath of recent North Korean actions and threats, there has been in recent times some open debates and discussions about the prospects of South Korea “going nuclear” i.e. developing its own nuclear weapons. This brief argues that short of abrogating all its bilateral and multilateral treaties and obligations with heavy costs, the prospects of it doing so in the short/medium term are not that easy and may not be cost effective.

The Korean Imbroglio

April 25, 2013

North Korea’s uranium enrichment programme has made the US jittery and is not totally confident of reopening the six-party talks. Washington needs assurances regarding North Korea’s future nuclear programmes and the key to finding a solution to the present stalemate lies with Beijing.

Japan-South Korea Diplomatic Standoff over Takeshima/Dokdo

August 14, 2012

Irritants like the Dokdo/Takeshima issue, if allowed to linger further, will affect Japan-South Korea relations including the security cooperation they have envisaged given common regional security concerns.

"Comfort Women" issue: A constant irritant in Japan-South Korea Relations

December 22, 2011

The issue of “comfort women” continues to haunt Japan’s relations with its neighbour, South Korea. Koreans are unable to forget the atrocities committed by the Japanese military during the long colonial rule from 1910-1945 over the entire Korean peninsula.

South Korea relives the Yeonpyeong attack by North Korea

November 29, 2011

The people of Yeonpyeong Island remember with trepidation the devastating attack of November 2010. Since the Cheonan incident in March 2010 and chastened by the attack last year, South Korea has beefed up its military arsenal and strengthened its defence preparedness.

South Korea’s Naval Base on Ulleung Island

October 03, 2011

South Korea hopes that the new base will help strengthen its territorial rights on Dokdo as the base would enable its ships to reach the islands quickly.

RoK’s Jeju Island Naval Base

September 01, 2011

The Jeju naval base is intended to serve two objectives: to protect the country from possible missile attacks from North Korea and to allow the United States to station Aegis class destroyers.

Assessing the Jimmy Carter-led Elders’ Efforts to Resolve North Korean Issue

May 05, 2011

While keeping the doors open for negotiations, the US and South Korea are unlikely to relax any of the terms and conditions they have set for Pyongyang.