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Fatah at the Crossroads

January 04, 2017

Abbas needs to take steps for a gradual change of guard in the Fatah within a specified time-frame to keep the cause of Palestinian statehood alive.

Continued Israeli Settlement Policy in the Occupied Territories

April 19, 2016
Continued Israeli Settlement Policy in the Occupied Territories

Settler entrenchment has reached a point where no peaceful assimilation of the entire West Bank into a compact territory of a future Palestine state and a harmonious division of Jerusalem city linked to this entity may be possible.

Palestine and US Presidential Candidates

April 05, 2016
US-Palestine Relations

None of the candidates from either major party has articulated a clear and unconditionally supportive long-term view in favour of the Palestinian cause.

Russian Military Intervention in Syria

October 06, 2015
Russian Military Intervention in Syria

Will the action of Russia make it easier to find a negotiated political agreement on transition among Syrians? Most unlikely.

Reaffirming India’s Ties with Palestine

October 01, 2015

Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with President Abbas in New York reaffirms the government’s commitment to maintain continuity in India’s Palestine policy.

Israel-Palestine Talks: Enablers and Prospects

August 26, 2013

Prospects of a solution will hinge on the ability of the two sides to moderate their maximalist positions and the ability of the Obama administration to play the role of an ‘honest broker’.

The Gaza Escalation

November 20, 2012

With reports noting that the Israeli government had authorised the mobilisation of close to 75,000 reservists ahead of a possible ground invasion, international attention is currently focussed on preventing this possibility

Can Israel Afford the Risk of Operation Cast Lead Part 2?

November 19, 2012

While the United States stands committed to Israel, though in a much muted tone, there has been outrage in the region, particularly from Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia as well as the Arab League.

Obama and the Israel-Palestine Peace Process

February 27, 2012

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is so dependent on the vagaries of the US political and electoral system that any change in administration in November 2012 would certainly make or delay the implementation of the steps necessary to secure lasting peace.

The Palestinian Quest for Statehood at the United Nations: International Reactions and India's Position

October 20, 2011

President Abbas' request for full UN membership for a Palestinian State may have created new opportunities for India in West Asia. New Delhi today is relatively well-positioned to contribute to the ongoing efforts for the resumption of Israeli - Palestinian talks in the coming weeks.