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North Korea

The North Korean Nuclear Conundrum

May 03, 2017

A rational decision maker in the White House does not have all options on the table and cannot start a war without South Korea’s consent. Diplomacy is the only option and this is as obvious as obvious can be.

Is President Trump’s Foreign Policy Shaping Up?

April 20, 2017

What to make of the combination of Trump’s missile strikes in Syria, changes of mind about China and Russia, warnings to North Korea, signals about scaling up military presence in Afghanistan, and outreach to Turkey?

North Korea’s ‘Chemistry’ with WMDs

March 06, 2017

North Korea has blatantly breached the chemical weapons ‘red line’ in the killing of the half-brother of Kim Jong-un in Kuala Lumpur on February 13.

North Korea: Launching a Satellite to Demonstrate ICBM Capability

February 18, 2016
North Korea: Launching a Satellite to Demonstrate ICBM Capability

North Korea may not have reached the level of expertise to develop an ICBM indigenously. But, in terms of declaration of intent, it has achieved all that it wants.

The North Korean Nuclear Test: Quest for Deterrence

January 22, 2016

The January 6 ‘thermonuclear’ test is the fourth in the series of nuclear tests in North Korea’s consistent quest to attain credible deterrence against the United States.

North Korea: An Advance Frontier of India’s “Act East”?

December 01, 2015
North Korea: An Advance Frontier of India’s “Act East”?

Recent developments in India-North Korea relations make it an opportune time for India to devise a new approach for its engagement with the Korean Peninsula that will help redefine its Act East policy.

Understanding the Nuclear Aspirations and Behaviour of North Korea and Iran

September 2014

This article explores the drivers of North Korea and Iran’s nuclear aspirations and behaviour by employing the theoretical prisms of ‘security dilemma’, ‘regional security complex’ (RSC) and ‘social constructivism’. It argues that ideational values and interests are shaping Iranian and North Korean nuclear aspirations and behaviour. Conversely, the absence of positive inter-subjective understanding of the US and its allies regarding Iran and North Korea is influencing their nuclear non-proliferation policy towards these states.

North Korea keeps the SPT members confused

June 06, 2013

The developments in the Korean peninsula indicate that the East Asian states are not really in tune with each other on North Korea’s recent missile launches. Most of these states have their national priorities while dealing with the North.

The Korean Imbroglio

April 25, 2013

North Korea’s uranium enrichment programme has made the US jittery and is not totally confident of reopening the six-party talks. Washington needs assurances regarding North Korea’s future nuclear programmes and the key to finding a solution to the present stalemate lies with Beijing.

North Korea’s Rocket Fails

April 16, 2012

Without getting into any a debate about whether the satellite launch was actually a missile test or not, the US should make an offer to help North Korea launch a satellite in order to foster sustained engagement with Pyongyang