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Ashok Sajjanhar

Visit of Myanmar President Upgrades Bilateral Ties

September 02, 2016

The message President Kyaw took back from New Delhi is that India stands ready to support Myanmar in every possible way on its march to security, reconciliation and prosperity.

The Failed Coup in Turkey - The Road Ahead

August 02, 2016
The Failed Coup in Turkey - The Road Ahead

The coup has seriously dented Turkey’s image as a stable, secular, progressive and prosperous country. And Erdogan's witch-hunt has tarnished the country's reputation and credibility. Turkey’s polity and economy will take a long time to recover from the crippling attrition of recent days.

India and SCO - Future Prospects

June 30, 2016
India and SCO - Future Prospects

SCO will need to assume responsibility for providing security in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the withdrawal of ISAF forces.

India's NSG Bid – The Way Forward

June 27, 2016
India's NSG Bid – The Way Forward

Until the next plenary in Switzerland in 2017 or the interim meeting before the end of 2016, India should actively engage with all members and particularly with those who have expressed doubts or raised queries, including China.

Why is NSG Membership important for India?

June 21, 2016
India's NSG Membership

India is keen to become a member of the NSG and other export control regimes so as to expand its nuclear power generation and enter the export market.

Time to Rejuvenate the India-Russia Partnership

May 30, 2016
India-Russia Relations

India and Russia are natural allies. It is in the interest of both countries to have vibrant relations. The responsibility for this devolves upon Modi and Putin.