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Tushar Shrivastav

Military Robots: Mapping the Moral Landscape, by Jai Galliott

January 2017

The ethical use of the military robots is a serious concern and in the last few years this debate has gained significant momentum on various human rights as well as military forums. The book under review deals with the same debate. The author’s idea is to thoughtfully bring forth the relevant arguments that have surfaced over last few years and examine them under the broad lens of ‘just war theory’.

PSLV launches 20 Satellites in a Single Mission

June 28, 2016
PSLV launches 20 Satellites in a Single Mission

For India, at this point in time, ISRO developing expertise with multiple launch technology is more important from the commercial perspective.

The Importance of the Spies in Ancient Indian Diplomacy

April 2016

Intelligence studies is a sub-discipline of international relations though in India, the subject is yet to become part of the academic curriculum. The topic has been covered in detail in Kautilya’s Arthashastra. In ancient Indian traditions, intelligence has always been an important part of statecraft. The book under review is written in Hindi, aided with Sanskrit sutras as notes.

Rocket Launchers for Small Satellites

February 04, 2016
Rocket Launchers for Small Satellites

The increase in demand for small satellites is not supported by the best launch options. Various existing options have huge limitations. It is believed that ‘proliferation’ of small satellites technology is possible only if reliable and cost-effective launch options are made available.