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Russia-Turkey Relations

The State of the State of Syria

January 02, 2017
The State of the State of Syria

The partial cease-fire brokered and imposed by Russia and Turkey, with Iran’s concurrence, on Assad and the ‘moderates’, might mark a turning point in Syria’s tortuous journey since 2011.

Whither Turkey?

August 17, 2016

Turkey is going where President Erdogan wants to take it to, as those who do not agree with him are too intimidated to stand in his way.

Erdoğan’s Visit to St. Petersburg: A Measured Russia-Turkey Rapprochement

August 16, 2016

While a Russia-Turkey rapprochement is driven by their particular national interests, its trajectory and outcome are likely to be shaped by the interplay of several geo-economic and geo-political factors.

Fallout of Turkey’s Shooting Down of the Russian Aircraft

December 22, 2015

Turkey’s unprecedented military action raises two questions: What is the likely impact on its ties with Russia? And, what are the dynamics of a ‘Russia-West’ collaboration over Syria?