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Gautam Sen

Gautam Sen is ex-Additional CGDA and had served in the High Commission of India in Colombo during 1988-1990. Presently he is serving as Adviser (Finance) to Government of Nagaland.

The Sri Lanka File at the UNHRC: Need for India to Adopt a Balanced and Firm Approach

March 12, 2013

It will be in keeping with the normative principles of India’s foreign policy to support a resolution that does not undermine Sri Lanka’s sovereignty but stipulates a time-bound and monitorable implementation by the SLG as well as UNHRC of remedial measures in accordance with the LLRC recommendations.

The Defence Budget 2013-14: Reasonable in the Existing Circumstances but Need for Re-orientation and Reform

March 04, 2013

There is a need for an overhaul of the defence planning and budgeting systems to make them outcome oriented, which will lead to the development and maintenance of requisite capability through the defence forces as an entity over a specified long-term horizon.

Aftermath of Salman Khurshid’s Visit to Bangladesh: A Role for West Bengal Too

February 20, 2013

India should grasp the opportunities which are discernible in the political horizon in Bangladesh and deepen relations through engagement at the track two tier involving India’s political parties as well as by involving West Bengal as a major partner.

Support for Security-Related Expenditure of State Governments through Central Finance Commission

February 18, 2013

The state governments may consider projecting their claims before the FFC for a Central devolution to fund their SRE expenditure, and the FFC should respond favourably and institutionalise this process.

Cooperation Between India and Bangladesh on Control of Arsenic Poisoning

January 28, 2013

India and Bangladesh need to work together in the field of health and medical research to devise expedient measures to contain the menace of arsenic poisoning of ground water.

Aftermath of Begum Khaleda Zia`s Visit to India

November 12, 2012

The goodwill built up during Khaleda Zia’s recent India visit needs to be capitalised upon judiciously, by keeping a manifestly even-handed stance on the internal politics of Bangladesh.

Begum Khaleda Zia`s Visit to India

October 29, 2012

Indian leaders may have to convincingly convey to Begum Zia and her BNP party delegation their commitment towards the economic development of Bangladesh, continuation of Indian aid, and intent to address the balance of trade issue irrespective of the party in power there.

Stagnating India-Sri Lanka Relations: Need for a Diversified Approach

September 13, 2012

India-Sri Lanka relations appear to be reaching a phase of stagnation. The Govt of India has to adopt, perforce, a multifaceted approach on the cultural, economic and security fronts for stability of the bilateral relations in the overall interest of India.

The Persecuted Rohingyas of Myanmar: Need for Political Accommodation and India`s Role

August 13, 2012

While India is not immediately affected by the Rohingya refugee migration from Myanmar, it cannot be oblivious to the regional dimensions of such human migrations based on ethnic discontent.