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Gautam Sen

Gautam Sen is ex-Additional CGDA and had served in the High Commission of India in Colombo during 1988-1990. Presently he is serving as Adviser (Finance) to Government of Nagaland.

India needs nuanced approach post-UNHRC Vote on Sri Lanka

April 04, 2014

It would appear that India accorded preponderance to the broader interests of national sovereignty before its final stand on the UNHRC resolution. But it also cannot be oblivious to the likelihood of parallels being drawn in the future by some countries inimical to India.

The issue of de-militarisation of Northern Province of Sri Lanka

March 13, 2014

De-militarisation per se is a sensitive issue, however, it is of essence that the Sri Lanka armed forces` role vis-à-vis the provincial administrations or even in the larger island-nation context be re-defined. It be a good idea to engage the SLA in project activities and relocate the army throughout the country and not be exclusively entrenched in the northern province.

Need for action plan to counter KLO

February 28, 2014

The recent violent incidents carried out by the Kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) in the sensitive eastern and north-eastern parts India have serious security implications. Conscious intervention of the centre in concert with the state governments of West Bengal and Assam and even Sikkim, as well as with cooperation of the Bhutan government is required at the earliest.

Governance in Northern Province of Sri Lanka: Stresses and Strains

January 21, 2014

It is essential to codify the executive instructions for administering the northern province under some statutory rules issued at the provincial level with concurrence of the central government. The statutory rules should not leave any scope for cognizance of directives or advice from the provincial governor to the provincial officials.

Bangladesh Political Crisis and India`s Options

January 06, 2014

India may have to maintain a two-pronged approach. At the governmental level, it will have to offer economic benefits and cooperation. However, a regime which is communally oriented may have to be dealt on a reciprocal basis.

Border Roads Organisation in the North-East: Need for Priority

December 16, 2013

The importance of the road network in the north-east needs no emphasis. India is now raising the 17 Mountain Corps to augment its strategic strike capability vis-à-vis China. The BRO is the key instrument to realise the road network objective and provide the required logistical capability to this Corps.

Reduction in Expenditure on Internal Security in Nagaland: Is it Feasible?

December 03, 2013

The State hardly has any `balance from its current revenues` to take on additional internal security expenditure or fund its own development activities. In this backdrop, the State has perforce to depend on the Centre to maintain a security establishment and sustain it on a long-term basis.

Syria Crisis: How will it be resolved?

October 22, 2013

A solution to the Syrian crisis is unlikely to emerge with either Assad in power or in the existing circumstances of the military stand-off. A political solution will have to be imposed from outside, possibly an understanding between the US and Russia with tacit consent of China.

Provincial polls in Sri Lanka: A new dawn?

October 04, 2013

Post-elections, one can now expect a meaningful political dialogue between the Sri Lankan government and the TNA on the feasible interpretation and application of the autonomy measures under the 13th Amendment.

Implications of New States in the Union of India

September 12, 2013

Creation of new states is likely to undermine India’s polity and governance and consequently the socio-economic progress. Cost-benefit analysis suggests that only in some respects the newly-created states have performed better.