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Gautam Sen

Gautam Sen is ex-Additional CGDA and had served in the High Commission of India in Colombo during 1988-1990. Presently he is serving as Adviser (Finance) to Government of Nagaland.

A Joint India-Indonesia Intervention on the Rohingya Issue

December 15, 2016

Given that both India and Indonesia have a common interest in preserving their respective democratic, multi-ethnic and multi-religious polities, they need to work together to induce Myanmar to control the violence against the Rohingyas.

Need for Persevering with the Dialogue Process in Jammu & Kashmir

November 01, 2016

It is essential that the dialogue process continues and additional steps are taken to resolve the deep sense of alienation presently prevailing among the civil society in the Kashmir Valley.

Implications of a Complete Sealing of the India-Pakistan Border

October 18, 2016
Implications of a Complete Sealing of the India-Pakistan Border

Instead of erecting static structures or walls with mounted electronic complements, a more dynamic mode of border management and surveillance may be expedient and cost-effective with concomitant mobile patrols by all-terrain vehicles, hovercraft, etc.

Deactivating the Permanent Indus Waters Commission

October 03, 2016

It is in India’s interests to continue to adhere to the Treaty provisions and try to obtain maximum benefit by subscribing to it.

The Draft Maharashtra Protection of Internal Security Act 2016: A Review

September 07, 2016

While the need for re-evaluating internal security holistically is undeniable, it may be appropriate to deal with this matter in the national context.

Latin America Post the Impeachment of Dilma Rouseff

September 06, 2016

The salience of the impact of the Rouseff-related developments lie in the fact that there is a degree of similarity in the economic policies of the erstwhile Rouseff Government and its counterparts in some of the other Latin American countries…

Message from the Indo-Bangladesh Border: `Banijya Basati Lakkhi’

August 02, 2016
Message from the Indo-Bangladesh Border: `Banijya Basati Lakkhi’

While a higher volume of trade through Petrapole should benefit both countries, this new ICP mechanism needs to be suitably leveraged to ensure that the north-east also derives benefits.

Extension of the Disturbed Areas Act in Nagaland

July 25, 2016
Extension of the Disturbed Areas Act in Nagaland

Application of AFSPA and DAA provisions to the eastern districts of Nagaland and to districts or select areas bordering Arunachal Pradesh and the Myanmar frontier would have sent an appropriate message to shore up public confidence for an overall settlement of the Naga issue.

Political Upheaval in Brazil

June 28, 2016
Political Upheaval in Brazil

An early and decisive conclusion to the political crisis in Brazil and also a finality in the position of Rouseff vis-a-vis the presidency appear unlikely.

Problem of Fishermen in India-Sri Lanka Relations

May 20, 2016
President Maithripala Sirisena India Visit

India should play a proactive role in assisting Sri Lanka in the fisheries sector and in creating conditions in the Palk Bay for the fishermen of both countries to exploit the respective fishing potential amicably.