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Talking Heads: Modi in Ufa

July 08, 2015

Modi would find the Eurasian dynamics at odds with his vision of containing China along with the United States. He will have to display pragmatism for building greater convergence with China and Russia.

Sixth BRICS Summit: A step towards more equitable global order?

July 22, 2014

The Declaration pushes for a more equitable norm and the New Development Bank is an interesting outcome. The initial subscribed capital of $50 billion dollars and the responsibilities of the functioning are to be shared equally among the founding members of the bank. While China will host the headquarters, the regional centre will be located in South Africa; similarly the first President of the Bank will be from India, the First Board of Governors from Russia and the first chair of Board of Directors from Brazil.

BRICS: An Effective Multilateral Forum in a Multi-polar International Order

July 11, 2014

Brazil will hold the 6th BRICS Summit of Heads of State and the Governments of BRICS from 15 July 2014 to 16 July 2014. It is a coalition of emerging economies providing alternative ideas of global governance.

BRICS and the China-India Construct: A New World Order In Making?

BRICS and the China-India Construct: A New World Order In Making?

The monograph portrays to understand and contribute to the strategic analyses of foreign, security and economic policy issues that are attached to the rise of BRICS. This is not only a study about BRICS per se; but is also about China and India, the two most vital powers of this grouping. This study has been written in Indian context, and has tried to delve into the China-India course within BRICS.

Future of Golden BRICS

July 2013

With the successful holding of the fifth summit of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) in Durban during March 26–27, 2013, this influential group of emerging economies completed its first important phase of genesis and evolution. The idea was floated in 2001 as an ‘acronym’ created by an investment banker of Goldman Sachs, Jim O'Neil who believed that the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, China and India would be the single greatest game changers in coming times.

Asian Strategic Review

Asian Strategic Review

Publisher: Pentagon Press
ISBN 978-81-8274-719-7
Price: Rs. 1295
It would not be a cliche to describe the strategic contours of Asia as being at the crossroads of history. A number of significant events are influencing the likely course that the collective destiny of the region could possibly take in the future. Some of the key issues and trends have been analysed in this year’s Asian Strategic Review
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BRICS and Stepping Stones: A New Global Pattern

April 12, 2013

A global vision based on sustainable resource use for global prosperity can also overcome trust deficit within the BRICS grouping.

BRICS comes of age at Durban

April 01, 2013

BRICS is not challenging the existing world order. It is seeking a place in the sun for developing countries. It is looking at alternative approaches but there is no desire to seek confrontation with the West.

BRICS Baby Steps: The Challenges Ahead

March 22, 2013

Now that NAM is defunct and very little wealth is left in the Commonwealth, and given that the G-20 has a set parameter and doesn’t encompass the aggregate of the hopes and aspirations of the developing world, India should use the BRICS forum to project its global profile.

BRICS Development Bank: Figuring out the Durban Bid

March 08, 2013

If the BRICS Development Bank comes up, it will not only be a big moment for BRICS itself, but also for the global financial structure where the role, stake and space of the developing world will grow massively.