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Titli Basu

Associate Fellow
+91 11 2671 7983

Joined IDSA

December 2013

Research Interests

Japanese Security, Strategic and Foreign Policy; Japan and Northeast Asian Security; India-Japan Relations


PhD, Centre for East Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Current Project

Japan’s Defence Industrial Policy Reform: Debates and Implications for International Cooperation


Ms. Basu completed her Doctoral degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her thesis was on “Japanese Corporate Response to Climate Change”. She wrote her M.Phil dissertation on “Japan and Ecological Modernisation”. Ms. Basu was associated with the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo as a Visiting Research Scholar (November 2010-October 2011) funded by Japan Foundation. Previously she was associated with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan.


Peer-Reviewed/Refereed Journal Publications

  • Basu, Titli. (2016). Decoding Japan’s Security Discourse: Diverse Perspectives. India Quarterly 72.1. Sage. ISSN 0974-9284.
  • Basu, Titli. (2016). India in Japan’s Geo-strategic Outlook. Journal of Defence Studies 10.3. ISSN 0976-1004.
  • Basu, Titli. (2014). India-Japan Relations: An Enduring Partnership. Indian Foreign Affairs Journal 9.3. ISSN 0973-3248.
  • Basu, Titli. (2013). Anti-nuclear mobilisation in Japan: shaping the post-Fukushima energy landscape. Tamkang Journal of International Affairs 17.1. ISSN: 1027-4979. (published by Tamkang University, Taiwan).
  • Basu, Titli. (2012).Post-Fukushima Energy Policy: Challenges and Opportunities for Japan. Asian Journal of Public Affairs 5.2. ISSN: 1793-5342. (published by Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore).

Chapters in Edited Volume

  • Basu, Titli. “China-Japan Relations: Deciphering the 70th Anniversary Course”, in China’s Transition under Xi Jinping, ed. Jagannath P. Panda, Pentagon Press 2016, ISBN 978-81-8274-907-8.
  • Basu, Titli. “The ISIS Conundrum in Southeast Asia: The Case of Indonesia”, in Asian Strategic Review 2016 -Terrorism: Emerging Trends, ed. S.D. Muni and Vivek Chadha, Pentagon Press, ISBN 978-81-8274-885-9.
  • Basu, Titli. “India-Japan Security Cooperation: Expectation, Challenges and the Way Forward”, in Asian Strategic Review 2015: India as a Security Provider, ed. S.D. Muni and Vivek Chadha, Pentagon Press, ISBN 978-81-8274-825-5.
  • Basu, Titli. “China-Japan Relations: Moving beyond the Impasse”, in China Yearbook 2014, ed. Prashant Kumar Singh, Magnum Books Pvt Ltd, ISBN: 978-93-82512-26-4.
  • Basu, Titli. “Contested Islands: The Senkaku/Diaoyu Challenge”, in China Yearbook 2013, ed. Naval Jagota, Magnum Books Pvt Ltd, ISBN 978-93-82512-24-0.

Selected Commentaries

  • Basu, Titli. (2016, August). India’s Balance of Interest in the Asian Century. Alternative Scenarios, The Asan Forum, 4.4. Online ISSN 2288-5757. (Seoul)
  • Basu, Titli. (2016, May 18). India’s Approach towards Indo-Pacific Triangularity. Alternative Scenarios, The Asan Forum, 4.3. Online ISSN 2288-5757. (Seoul)
  • Basu, Titli. (2016, April 29). Mapping India in Japan’s Infrastructure Agenda. East Asia Forum. (Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University).
  • Basu, Titli. (2016, March 30). Japan in Prime Minister Modi's Vision for India. Asia Pacific Bulletin. (EastWest Center, Washington, D.C.)

IDSA Issue Briefs and Commentaries

  • Basu, Titli. (2016, August 22). Japan’s Defence White Paper 2016: An Overview. IDSA Comment.
  • Basu, Titli. (2015, December 29). Make in India and the Expanding Scope for India-Japan Defence Cooperation. IDSA Comment.
  • Basu, Titli. (2015, August 24). The Abe Statement: Reading the Politics behind the 70th Anniversary of WWII. IDSA Issue Brief.
  • Basu, Titli. (2015, May 29). US-Japan Security Alliance: Standing the Test of Time. IDSA Issue Brief.
  • Basu, Titli. (2014, September 4). India-Japan Relations: New Times, Renewed Expectations. IDSA Comment.
  • Basu, Titli. (2014, November 24). Xi-Abe Handshake, Not Yet an Embrace. IDSA Comment.
  • Basu, Titli. (2014, May 20). Obama’s Visit to Japan: Strategic Significance. IDSA Comment.
  • Basu, Titli. (2014, February 27). Shinzo Abe’s Visit to India: Reviewing the Strategic Partnership. IDSA Comment.

Non Peer-Reviewed Article

  • Basu, Titli. (2015, March). India-Japan Defence and Security Cooperation in an Asian Century. World Focus India and East Asia 435. ISSN: 2230-8458.

Publications at IDSA