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Pradeep Singh Chhonkar

Research Fellow
+91 11 2671 7983

Col Pradeep Singh Chhonkar is an Infantry officer. He has rich experience of Counter Insurgency operations in both North East and J&K. Among other appointments, he has served as an Instructor in Indian Military Academy and on staff in Directorate General of Military Intelligence, where he was responsible for integrated intelligence analysis pertaining to various important issues of national and strategic level, particularly dealing with insurgency in North East India. He has undertaken a number of research projects in various domains related to insurgency dynamics in North East India.

The officer has done research work on wide range of topics including “India’s Nuclear Deterrence Policy” in 2004 and “Emergence of Red Corridor in the Indian Heartland: Implications on National Security, Should the Army Wait or Get Involved” in 2012. He attended Brazilian Army International Strategic Studies Course at Rio de Janerio, Brazil in 2014 where he wrote a number of papers and did research in “New Paradigm of Terrorism in 21st Century”.

He has written papers on varied subjects including “Global Environmental Governance” in 2012, “Rise of MFOs in Northeast India” in 2013, “Naga Insurgency” and “Insurgency in Manipur” in 2014, “Political and Economic Consequences of the Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo” in 2014, “Defence Industry and Economy: Impact on Military Effectiveness” in 2014, “Reconfiguration of the World Order in the Twenty First Century” in 2014, “Strategic Challenges of the Pan Amazon in the 21st Century” in 2014, “United Nations Security Council Reform – A Need or an Agenda of Developing Countries” in 2014 and “Demographic Inversion in Assam” in 2015.

As a Research Fellow at IDSA, while on study leave, his research focus areas are Internal Security issues with particular focus on Northeast India and other emerging threats.