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  • Titli Basu

    Associate Fellow
    +91 11 2671 7983

    Dr. Titli Basu is Associate Fellow at the East Asia Centre. Her research interests include Japanese security, strategy and foreign policy; Japan and the Indo-Pacific; great power politics in East Asia; and India-Japan relations. Dr. Basu has published several research articles on these issues including in India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Tamkang Journal of International Affairs, The Asan Forum, East Asia Forum, Asian Journal of Public Affairs, and Indian Foreign Affairs Journal. Her current research project in IDSA is on Japan’s Defence Industrial Policy Reform: Debates and Implications for International Cooperation. She completed her doctoral thesis from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. She was associated with the Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo as a Visiting Research Fellow (November 2010 to October 2011). She was a recipient of the Japan Foundation fellowship in 2010. Previously she was with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan.

    Publications at IDSA

    Select Publications

    • Associate Fellow, IDSA, Dr Titli Basu’s article, ‘Contest for Influence: Japan’s Agenda in Southeast Asia ’ was published in Global Asia Vol. 12, No. 2, Summer 2017.

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      June 30, 2017
      IDSA News
    • Associate Fellow, IDSA, Dr Titli Basu’s article on the need for reforms in ADB amid growing competition from other multilateral development banks, titled ‘Asian Development Bank at 50 and Japan’s puzzle’ was published in 'East Asia Forum' on June 9, 2017.

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      June 09, 2017
      IDSA News
    • Associate Fellow, IDSA, Dr Titli Basu’s article on India-Japan cooperation in Africa, titled, ‘Thinking Africa: India, Japan, and the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor’ was published in ‘The Diplomat’ on June 3, 2017.

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      June 03, 2017
      IDSA News
    • Given the fluidity in East Asian geopolitics and China’s arrival as a key variable in the international system, Japan has been forced to respond to the asymmetrical power politics. As China is carving out a sphere of influence for itself which is increasingly eclipsing Japan’s international stature, Abe has the task of presenting the case of where and how does Japan fit in.

      Journal of Defence Studies
    • Associate Fellow, Dr. Titli Basu’s article on ‘Forging India-Japan Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific Theatre’ was published in Journal of Indian Ocean Studies Vol. 25, No 1. April 2017. ISSN 0972-3080.

      April 01, 2017
      IDSA News
    • In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president, Japan is weighing the geopolitical and geo-economic implications of the new economic and security policies that his administration may adopt.

      December 20, 2016
      IDSA Comments
    • Furthering the premise of an increasingly severe security environment, Japan’s latest defence white paper has accorded relatively more space to its ‘strong concerns’ over China’s ‘active maritime expansion’ as well as progress in North Korea’s missile development programme.

      August 22, 2016
      IDSA Comments
    • Research Assistant, IDSA, Dr Titli Basu’s article on ‘India’s Balance of Interest in the Asian Century’ was published in Alternative Scenarios, The Asan Forum, Vol. 4, No 4, August 2016. Online ISSN 2288-5757.

      August 01, 2016
      IDSA News
    • Japan’s long-standing alliance with the US is the key feature of its defence and security policy. However, China’s rise and impact on shaping the regional security architecture, and the vigour of US commitment in the backdrop of a G2 formulation, is making Japan diversify her options. Thus, India now features in the Japanese idea of Asia while it struggles to cope with the fluidity of the regional security landscape. This article critically analyses the increasing space accorded to India and the variables behind Japan’s courtship of it.

      Journal of Defence Studies
    • Research Assistant, IDSA, Dr Titli Basu’s article on Indo-Pacific triangularity, titled ‘India’s Approach towards Indo-Pacific Triangularity’, was published in The Asan Forum, Vol. 4, No 3

      May 27, 2016
      IDSA News