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Australia and India in Asia: When ‘Look West’ Meets Act East

September 2016

The recent Australian decision to extend civilian nuclear cooperation to India, overriding its own long-term principled position, is no ordinary development. Taking that as a starting point, this article seeks to set out the context and rationale for an all-round and long-term closer relationship between the two countries.

Are Russia and NATO inching towards a conflict?

August 08, 2016

The Joint Communique issued by the recent NATO summit, held on July 8-9 in Warsaw, appears to have sown the seeds of a renewed confrontation with Russia.

Wither CARICOM? – Prospects Post-Brexit

July 11, 2016
Wither CARICOM? – Prospects Post-Brexit

“Brexit” has led to much concern within the Caribbean Community, as it assesses its possible impact upon its plans for greater regional integration. One cannot completely rule out the possibility of some of the member-states of CARICOM going the British way.

BREXIT: Complications, Repercussions, and Implications

July 01, 2016
BREXIT: Complications, Repercussions, and Implications

Just as Pandora opened the box she was warned not to open, Cameron went for a referendum that common sense would have told him not to go for, or to do it later

India and SCO - Future Prospects

June 30, 2016
India and SCO - Future Prospects

SCO will need to assume responsibility for providing security in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the withdrawal of ISAF forces.

Brexit: Does it matter for India?

June 17, 2016

While Brexit would provide a fillip for an India-UK FTA, Britain staying on in the EU is also likely to be of value given its role as a gateway to Europe.

India’s Stakes in SCO

June 15, 2016

India cannot be taking other than a cooperative position if it wants to genuinely exploit opportunities that SCO processes may offer. Any policy on connectivity underpinned by a spirit of rivalry will make India an odd one out.

The Dalai Lama and Tibet’s Future

July 2016

In an ominous way the Dalai Lama recently threatened to terminate the over 400-year-old spiritual lineage of his position, saying that Tibetans no longer require the authority of the Dalai Lama and it would be a shame if a ‘weak’ person succeeded him.

In 2011, he also gave up his political authority in favour of an elected leader among Tibetans living in exile. Seemingly, the motive for these measures was to forestall any alternative plan by Beijing to appoint a successor after him and challenge the authority of such an appointment if Beijing does so.

The SCO: India enters Eurasia

June 14, 2016
The SCO: India enters Eurasia

India’s objective lies not in offsetting the interests of either the US or China but to walk towards its own destiny of serving humanity and global peace.

Time to Rejuvenate the India-Russia Partnership

May 30, 2016
India-Russia Relations

India and Russia are natural allies. It is in the interest of both countries to have vibrant relations. The responsibility for this devolves upon Modi and Putin.