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India and Africa: Common Security Challenges for the Next Decade


India and Africa: Common Security Challenges for the Next Decade

Publisher: Pentagon Press
ISBN 978-81-8274-860-6
Price: Rs. 595 [Download E-copy]

About the Book

Over the coming decade, converging global security challenges will necessitate combined efforts by states to manage threats and maximise opportunities. Among the most significant challenges that India and Africa will face in paricular, are reforms in global governance institutions, maritime security threats in the Indian Ocean, energy insecurity and the rise of extremism and terrorism. This volume combines Indian and African perspectives with regard to the common security challenges they are likely to face in the foreseeable future. It also seeks answers to a wide spectrum of issues: What are the paramenters of the emerging security cooperation between India and Africa in recent years? Can India and affected African states share the lessons derived from transnational terrorist threats? What are the emerging threats to maritime security in India and Africa? What are the critical challenges that Africa and India face in the energy sector? And finally how can both sides cooperate in these areas? It is hoped that the views expressed in this book will lead to a greater understanding of the security concerns faced by Africa and India.



About the Editor/Contributors

  1. Common Security Challenges for India and Africa:An overview
    Francis A. Kornegay, Jr
  2. India-Africa Security Engagement
    Ruchita Beri
  3. Countering Terrorism and Extremism in Africa: Drawing Lessons from the Indian Experience
    Festus Kofi Aubyn
  4. Rise of Terrorism/Extremism in India: Lessons for Africa
    Vivek Chadha
  5. Terrorism in Africa: Implications for India
    Manish Chand
  6. The Changing Natural Resources Profile of the West Indian Ocean Region: Implications for Maritime Security
    Alex Benkenstein
  7. India’s Coastal Security: Sharing Best Practices with African Nations
    Vijay Sakhuja
  8. Enhancing India-Africa Maritime Security Cooperation
    Abhijit Singh
  9. Energy Challenges Facing India and Africa: Building a Sustainable Partnership
    Shebonti Ray Dadwal
  10. India’s Energy Security Issues and African Oil
    Aparajita Biswas
  11. Eliminating Energy Challenges in Nigeria to Guarantee Effective Supply of Oil and Gas to India in this Decadeand Beyond
    Alike Ambrose Ejiofor
  12. Africa-India Uranium Commerce for Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation
    Rajiv Nayan