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Pakistan on the Edge


Pakistan on the Edge

Publisher: Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)
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About the Report

The Pakistan Project of IDSA has come up with a second report titled Pakistan on the Edge. This Report takes into account various political developments in Pakistan focusing more on the events of the last two years and analyses its impact on the nation’s nascent democracy. The Report takes a broad view of the politics, emerging political alliances, economy, foreign policy, India-Pakistan relations and civil-military relations. Two chapters of this report focus on Pakistan’s English and Urdu language print media and how it looks at the critical issues of domestic and foreign policy.





Chapter I - Political Scenario: The Emerging Trends
-- Amit Julka, Ashok Behuria and Sushant Sareen

Chapter II - Provinces: A Strained Federation
-- Sushant Sareen and Ashok K Behuria

Chapter III - Militant Groups in Pakistan: New Coalition Old Politics
-- Amit Julka and Shamshad Ahmad Khan

Chapter IV - Continuing Religious Radicalism and Widening Sectarian Divide
-- P.K.Upadhaya

Chapter V - The Economy: Crisis Continues
-- Sumita Kumar

Chapter VI - Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
-- Sumita Kumar

Chapter VII - India-Pakistan Relations: Sign of Recovery or False Restart?
-- Ashok K Behuria

Chapter VIII - Civil-Military Relations
-- Smruti S Pattanaik

Chapter IX - Counter Insurgency Operations: An Assessment
-- Smruti S Pattanaik, Sushant Sareen and Ashok K Behuria

Chapter-X - Reflections from the English Language Press
-- Babjee Pothuraju and Medha Bisht

Chapter-XI - Reflections from the Urdu Language Press
-- Shamshad Ahmed Khan


Appendix I: English Langauges Press
Appendix II: Urdu Dailies
Appendix III: Pakistan Economic Outlook
Appendix IV: Economic Data


Smruti S Pattanaik is a Research Fellow and Coordinator of Pakistan Project of IDSA

Ashok K Behuria is a Research Fellow and Coordinator, South Asia Centre of IDSA

Sumita Kumar is a Senior Research Associate at IDSA

Sushant Sareen is a Consultant with the Pakistan Project

P.K. Upadhayay is a Consultant with the Pakistan Project

Medha Bisht is currently Assistant Professor at the South Asian University

Shamshad Ahmed Khan is a Researcher at IDSA

Babjee Pothuraju is a Researcher at IDSA

Amit Julka is an Intern at IDSA

Ms Anwesha Ray Choudhury is a Researcher at IDSA

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